Letting Your Property


We advertise on ALL FOUR of the 3 biggest sites; Right Move, Zoopla (the biggest 2 by far) plus Prime Location and On The Market – which after a slow start, has leapt to prominence. Most agencies save money by only listing on 2 or 3 of these which, means their properties are in no way fully exposed to the market – OURS ARE.



We are landlords ourselves and started way back in 2006 with a blank sheet of paper and none of the baggage that ex-estate agency people can come with.


We offer choices of one-off letting fees and full tenancy management

One-off letting fee then nothing to pay no matter how long that tenant stays – they could stay for 5 years or more and all you will ever have paid us is that first fee – details below.

Tenancy management, should you choose it, from here in Twickenham by staff who know you AND know your property (agencies' management offices are usually many miles away, staffed by people to whom your property is just an address on a very long list) We only recommend good tenants, not 'any' tenants. Agency staff are usually incentivised / threatened to just 'get someone in' so the branch can hit their targets / shareholders can stay happy / market share targets are reached. We don’t work like this. It is no use to us to put someone in that we feel uneasy about, just to make that month’s target. We would rather lose the fee and act with integrity and there are many examples of this that we can tell you about. We are landlords too – we are not going to recommend someone we wouldn’t take ourselves.


All charges are listed inclusive of VAT

All options are subject to obligatory £144 for tenancy agreement composition and managing its signing.


PLEASE NOTE! You can give us your contact details with confidence as you will NOT be bombarded with calls and emails every day by random agency staff in the way some agents do – WE DO NOT DO THIS! It is simply not part of our system and I’ve never understood it. That’s a personal promise. We will be in touch and give you the information you need, that’s all.


All charges are listed inclusive of VAT

All options are subject to obligatory £144 for tenancy agreement composition and managing its signing.



All fees are inclusive of VAT.


One-off fee of 8.4% of annual rent.


OR monthly fee for as long as the tenants in question stay at the property, of 9.6% and including rent collection.


Both options are subject to obligatory £144 for tenancy agreement.


Service includes all marketing and viewings, negotiation and managing the whole process until the tenants move in, after which they report to you, the landlord. Cleaning, EPC, inventory. Check-in, gas safety certificate, smoke/ CO2 alarms and any other services to be charged separately, listed below.


Please note, this fee includes our services up until and including tenant occupancy. Under this service, you have decided only to pay us to ‘find a tenant’ and not join those clients who pay us for ongoing tenancy management therefore Responsibilty for legal and regulatory compliance of the tenancy and property then passes in full to the landlord for the ongoing tenancy, including admin duties when the tenant leaves.



One-off tenant-finding fee of 8.4% of annual rent including VAT followed by 4.8% of monthly rent, including rent collection.


0R monthly fee of 14.4% including VAT, including rent collection. This is negotiable for higher-rent good quality properties i.e. those over £2000 per month.


Services is as let-only but with everything afterwards that you would expect from full tenancy management. Full Tc and Cs available on request.



Tenancy Agreement Fee.



Deposit Registration Fee (TDS) for full tenancy management clients and if specifically requested by let-only clients. This includes arranging signature of Prescribed Information and sending of How to Rent booklet



Inventory and check-in

An exact quotation will be given in writing by email before a decision is taken by client.

from £125


Mid-Term condition visit and report (if managing, after 3 months then every 6 months).



Submission Of Non-Residential Landlord's Receipts To HMRC.

£180.00 (inc. VAT) quarterly (if applicable).


To remit and balance the financial return to HMRC quarterly - and respond to any specific query relating to the return from the landlord or HMRC.


Arrangement Fee for Works or Refurbishment and approval of such.

15% of net cost.


Tenancy Renewal Fee.



Rent Review Fee.

NO fee.


Abortive Tenancy Fee.

Tenancy Term Duration (min 6 months).


Should an offer be accepted either verbally or in writing by the Landlord or their representative and the Tenancy does not proceed because the Landlord withdraws, we reserve the right to charge £180 for admin time up until that point.


Professional Cleaning including carpet cleaning (If required).

From £100.


Serve Section 21 Notice

We have our expert Lettings Solicitor serve these.

From £78.


Court Attendance.

£50.00 per hour.


Energy Performance Certificate.



Gas Safety Certificate.



Legionnaires Risk Assessment.