David McGeachie

Founder and Director
NFoPP Technical Award Holder

About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting our site. I'm David and I'm a landlord myself with a background in marketing in the music business. I established Tenant Finder from my living room in 2006 to find tenants for other landlords, having decided that there was a need for an alternative to the big High Street agents, someone completely independent who would start with a ‘blank sheet of paper’ and not follow the same old ways of doing things and the same old fee structures. We opened our High Street office in 2009 then started a property sales service in 2013.


We provide lettings and tenancy management services for landlords and sales services for residential property owners.


From our High Street office and our admin back-office in Strawberry Hill.

We offer a complete and empathic service, with easy communication, straightforward fees – with our well-known one-off letting option - and no sales scripts or hard-sell techniques at any time. If I came to see your property we would have an informal chat and I would provide you with a quote for our services. I WON’T then pester you every day from then on. We have let properties of all sizes from studios to large houses, letting to single professionals and international diplomats alike. We know the Richmond and Twickenham area well and can be successful for you, but have let and sold as far away as Pimlico, Chiswick, Ealing and even Maidstone .

We are now firmly established in the area and are currently growing quicker than ever. We enjoy incredible loyalty from clients, for which we are most grateful, with our very first clients still with us many years later.

In lettings we now offer the standard agency deal of a monthly percentage of rent for length of tenancy, which avoids that large initial payment and disruption of your cash-flow. However we still of course offer the deal that made our name - a fair one-off letting fee for finding you a tenant and organising and fulfilling that whole process, with NO ANNUAL RENEWAL FEES however long the tenant stays on.

I never understood how agents could bill a landlord for a massive fee simply for organising a new tenancy agreement. I suppose they were able to because everybody did the same.

Well, we DONT.

Thank you again for reading and please call us now on 020 8891 2929 or email us at LETTINGS info@tenant-finder.co.uk or SALES info@d-mcg.co.uk.

PS We are sometimes asked if we are in ARLA. No, we’re not at the moment however in November 2016 David passed 4 exams to win the Technical Award in Residential lettings and Lettings Management from the National Federation of Property Professionials; holding this qualification is a requirement for ARLA membership.